Attraction Brainwash Psychology (6) – Proper Handshake That Delivers Both Strength And Warmth


A correct handshake changes you completely

If you wish to go beyond just attracting your potential dates and being a overall friendly person, and attain a greater level of interpersonal strength in a position of leadership;

if you want to gain subconscious rapport and synchronisation,
and be an influencer who can move the hearts of people,
you must be able to perform an introduction and a handshake.

Just knowing that will fundamentally change your relationships.

In SoGye, the subspecialty field of interpersonal psychology,
greetings and handshakes are formally taught as a component of San’Hwa.

From a small-scale social interactions to a high-rolling politicians,
we will go through the secrets of handshakes.


A handshake is not just an expression of friendliness

There are 4 broad purposes where you make a handshake

  • To convey warmth and friendliness
  • To convery confidence and strength
  • When meeting a superior or an employer
  • When meeting a subordinate or an employee

and an additional 5th scenario of

  • When handshake is to be omitted

During the elections time, you will occasionally see politicians and
members of parliaments campaigning around subway exits and parks
greeting passer-bys and trying to win votes.

Everytime I teach psychology,
I always emphasise that in such situation, you must not perform a warm and friendly handshake.

Voters do not pick the politicians who approach them this way.

Even as the word “people” stand at the centre of the era,
and a black-tie campaign transitioning into a no-tie campaign and a jumper-and-hoodies campaign, people only support those who have what it take.

It means that they do not vote for those whom they feel are on their level.

The friendliness towards people must be based on a confidence that this person can indeed sit on a position of power and importance.

To create a correct identity as a politician
and to exhibit an appropriate image as a confident leader,
you cannot give off a first impression solely focused on kindness.

I often explain this using an example of a particular politician.

“Despite being highly knowledgeable, meticulously honest and good in public speaking, there’s a single reason why they cannot emerge as the leader and get cold shoulders from the voters when the time comes. It’s desperation.”

“Their greatest weakness is that they look desperate, and it shows.
Only they and their assistants seem to not know the fact that Nobody casts their vote for those who look desperate.”

Composure of being both financially and emotionally relaxed;
a natural display of strength that is comfortable and not offensive;
without that charisma,
warmth and kindness is a desperation that the voters frantically run away from
as if they are infectious.

You need to understand that those who approached people and made handshakes that seemed friendly and non-threatening, people only recognised them as being mediocre and not respect-worthy.


If you know the secret, the opponent naturally bows down

The methods of handshake are broadly categorised into two:

  • Handshake culminating in warmth
  • Handshake culminating in confidence

Within the interpersonalogy of SoGye, two different methods of handshakes are taught that makes anyone bow down in reverence.

  • King’s handshake
  • Queen’s handshake

If you wish to display the natural confidence of those in power,
you must know the secrets of making a first impression.

The king’s handshake makes anyone stoop forward and low.
The queen’s handshake makes anyone bow down looking afraid.

Observe how the powerful presidents shake hands.
Observe how the queen of Britain shake hands.

Those with power who were bred and raised in an environment of power exude their strength and authority just within a couple of seconds.
Such expression is very natural and they know very well how to do it.

If you think that awkwardly greeting your date for the first time
and introducing yourself with a bright smile on your first day at work
is enough to be regarded highly, it is an error.

If you wish have a strength to move their hearts and influence them,
you must be able to leave an impression even with a short meeting.

Handshake is at the frontline of making such a first impression.




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