Life-Changing Success Habits (1) – Why we continue to fail even with hard work


A Life Like a Movie

When we watch a movie, we usually enjoy it from the viewpoint of a protagonist.
Being a protagonist itself is a power and an insurance in a movie.

Just because one is a protagonist, one can survive in a bulletstorm and come out unscathed. The protagonist, despite challenges and failures, will pull through and achieve their goal eventually.

Even when there’s a suspense-building danger or an ordeal,
we as the viewers do not overly worry about it.

Usually there’s no way the protagonist dies in the middle of a film.

Certainly there will be movies that end with protagonists that fail or die,
these only happen right at the end of a movie;
they do not just die or disappear in the middle of the film.

What about you?

Not in a movie but in your life, in your day-to-day interactions, do you live with a feeling that you are the protagonist of a movie that the people around you are in?

In your life, in all of the

  • relationships with people you have
  • field of work you are in
  • goals and aspirations you worked for

do you have a clear conviction that you were the protagonist, and will stay as the protagonist?

The knowledge that ‘I am the protagonist’ is not about talking to yourself in the mirror “I can do it. I am the protagonist of my life. If I don’t believe in myself, who else will? If I work hard, I will be rewarded. No way will I fail.”

It is about being able to mutter one’s own name and be met with a natural and strong sense of ‘I am capable, I have always done well, I will succeed’ without imprinting an artificial imagery onto oneself.

Without giving much thought, it seems like

  • looking yourself into the mirror before going to work and telling yourself you can do it and
  • having the confidence naturally exuded from within

have not much difference. However, there is a huge difference in reality, like between a real diamond and an imitation, and the Sun and a firefly.

Knowing that difference will keep you away from a life that is always met with failure and bad luck, and live a life that is a breeze.


You can fool others, but you can’t fool yourself

In SanMyu, the structure developed by the exclusive few in order to create magnates out of their kins, it is said that “one can easily deceive others, but one cannot fool themselves.”

With extravagant suits, expensive cars and flourishing speech, professional frauders can easily deceive others, but even they cannot trick themselves.

  • Smoking resolutions that started every new years but failed for 10 years straight.
  • Telling everyone how popular you were but in fact having been a loser since young.
  • Signing up for gym with determination but giving up in less that a month.
  • Calling in sick for work, knowing that you actually woke up late.

Others won’t know all of these to their last detail, so lying is not that difficult.

But from the very earliest days your memory can reach, it is impossible to deceive what has been living within you twentyfour-seven.

We know very well who we are: how lazy, weak, all-talk and pathetic we really are.

With that knowledge so strongly imprinted in our head, just looking into the mirror and smilling ‘oh don’t worry, that’s the past but this is different. This time, it’s real,’ won’t change it.

No matter how hard you try to run towards your goal, those negative memories within you will work like a handbrake holding back the acceleration pedal.

You may be able to start with a short-lived burst of determination but not long after, you will think “it’s too hard, let me take a break, let me take a cheat day, there’s always next time.”

That moment, you will find yourself turning that failure into another handbrake. A handbrake written with “of course, you’ve failed again.”

However, since the ancient times to modern days, there has been unending flow of claims that tell you they can get all these negative memories of the past and all these lazy and willpower-lacking habits and ‘zap~’ them into nothingness.

Many asserted that they can create a more active life, a more positive mindset, and make you achieve your dreams with that instantaneous ‘bling~‘.

Are these actually possible?


Why it is impossible to rid of negative experiences and habits in a heartbeat

  • Military-style bootcamps
  • Self-suggestion and prayers that strengthen hope
  • Hypnosis techniques and NLP
  • Self-improvement and success seminars
  • Mind control
  • Meditations like mindfulness (Vipassana) or Zen (Cham-Seon)
  • Shamanism like changing names, moving home
  • Recently popularised ‘Secret’

All of these are vastly different in their methods in how they claim to be able to improve your life, but have one thing in common.

That is the fact that it claims to do things like removing the negativity or creating the positivity; i.e. be able to directly control the mind, subconsciouss or some other metaphysical source of luck.

Certainly, many techniques such as meditations and prayers have irreplacable efficacy in their own fields, thus have maintained their presence in human society, and were highly emphasised studies in the tradition of SanMyu.

However, SanMyu states that approaching past experiences of failures and bad habits as psychological or metaphysical problems, like above methodologies, would be blind.

That’s because, the current negative mind – including lack of confidence, lack of will, laziness – as well as the series of ill fortunes were not formed instantaneously some day out of nowhere.

Instead, those appear as the countless number of failures and mistakes we face in life pile up on and on, from the smoking resolution last year to the blunders during a public speech. These grew in size, just like a lifeform with a direction and energy.

Physical or mental, for some kind of movement to happen it requires energy, and to continue that movement it requires a prolonged input of energy.

If that movement holds a particular direction or a fixed pattern (including non-pattern) and continues without stopping, the movement by itself becomes a momentum; in other words, it almost becomes like a mind of its own.

In SanMyu, we call this inclincation.


You need to know how to stop an old inclination and begin a new one

When a boulder rolls down from a hill, even just a couple of yards, you require some heavy work to stop it. When stopped, the boulder will push you backward for a couple of inches. It doesn’t just come to a standstill.

So what if it’s not a couple of yards, but as long as decades?

Will changing your mindset alone magically vapourise the inclination of the past?
Will making a resolution now, change its direction with ease?

If you reflect on the inclinations you have within you, you will understand that such changes are fundamentally impossible.

From a couple-days-old inclination to something that lived with you for a lifetime, there are myriads of them that have taken place.

The type of coffee brew you like, how early you can wake up and how often you procrastinate; all of these are inclinations and habits with strong energetic momentum.

They do not disappear with a ‘poof’ instantaneously. No methods mentioned earlier can make that possible.

The claims made by modern science is that be it a good habit or a bad haibt, for something to become an inclination, it requires at least 66 days.

Many books, seminars and programmes speak of sugarcoated future, and rile up their speech like changing your thoughts would change your future, but even the speakers themselves who make such claim can’t fight off the morning sleep and come late for meetings. That is the reality.

How many do you have, the inclinations that you feel embarrassed and ashamed of, that you want to just cover them up?

Realise that those negative inclinations that you’ve built, will follow you and continue to sabotage you until your very last day.

Know that they don’t just affect you as ‘negative thoughts’, but exert physical and real influence in various aspects of your life from relationships, work and personal goals.

To stop such negative inclination is the actual first step towards success.

In Ja’Jeon, the field of study within SanMyu that focuses on success-building and habituation, it is first taught how to stop the pre-existing negative inclinations, then how to make the new stream of positive inclinations.

For something to work in this field, it must include methods to deal with both negative and positive inclinations, and such ‘methods’ must not be based on speculative sounds-cool occult approaches.

Now is the time to cast away the crippled methodologies that lacks any one aspect of the two, and those shamanism-type approach focusing on the power of thoughts and words.

In the new installment, we will talk about some techniques to cut away the continued negative inclinations that have built up throughout our lives, such as San’Hwa and Ta’Shin.




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