[Wise Reads & Meditative Music] If you want to be happy, don’t stop at running away from negatives


If You Want To Be Happy, Don’t Stop At Running Away From Negatives

Poverty, disease, pain, sadness, depression, frustration, despair… Many in this world aim to escape all the negatives.

We think we’re not happy because of all the misery that exist in our lives.

However, working towards happiness by running away from unhappiness will not work.

In SanMyu, the field of study developed among the magnates, it is taught that “non-poverty is not affluence, and absence of misfortune does not mean happiness.”

A lot of people ask why their lives don’t turn out the way they wanted and they can’t make it towards success.

They decide it is because of their old habits, like failing to quit smoking, procrastinating everything and lack of willpower, and will focus on ‘hard work’ to change it.

However, at the end of the day, what you get as a reward is being a non-smoker. An ordinary person who can do things on schedule.

Nothing changes from trying to remove these negative habits away from your life, thus SanMyu teaches: “Instead of sweating to not do something, do something else so enjoyable and exciting that you won’t even think about it.”

Instead of eliminating old habits, create small good habits one at a time. Rather than a consolation of “don’t be depressed”, give a small gift and a compliment.

Don’t try to remove something negative from yourself or others, but instead try to give something that can bring about a change in yourself or others, towards happiness.

Unhappiness is not something that shouldn’t be there; it’s an absence of something that should be there.
Happiness is not about ridding of something; it’s about making something new.


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