Life-Changing Success Habits (2) – If Repeated Failure Plagues Your Life, You Must Completely Sever The Ties Of The Old Habits.


In the previous writing, we discussed the real reason why failures always repeat and bad luck continues in life.

We discussed that simply changing our minds, attending training camps, self-development seminars, hypnosis or mindfulness will not change it.

Life-Changing Success Habits (1) – Why we continue to fail even with hard work

Today, many books or self-improvement seminars talk about building habits for success. Most of them go like this:

“You can build a habit for success if you make a good plan and implement it. ”

To those who trust this vague argument with no questions, SanMyu theĀ discipline of management asks this question.

“What would you do if you couldn’t put any of those plans into practice? And from that failure, how will you deal with it when you lose confidence in what you do?”

Failure becomes a habit and bad luck perpetuates because, one fails to hold up to their own plan.

Without a proper solution to this, you cannot escape a life begging for a lottery fluke. You won’t be able to make the science of success your own, making success a habit of your own and becoming the protagonist of your life.

However, with this question usually there are only two answers.

(To be continued in next post)


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