Life-Changing Success Habits (3) – Both Positive Mindset and Defeatist Mindset Will Fail


(Continued from Life-Changing Success Habits 2)

1. A Good Plan Never Fails

What do you think?

No matter how great a plan might be, haven’t you experienced so many times when you couldn’t follow it through?

– Strong determination and strong will
– Numerous early morning alarms
– Self-imposed penalties for failing
– Planner or diary that helps you organize.
– Schedule management programs such as computers and smartphones due to the development of IT technology

Despite all this effort and support, haven’t you had a lot of experience breaking your promise and failing in the end?

While denying this reality and past experiences, believing in a faint sense of optimism and positive thinking is nothing more than a foolish fantasy.


2. If I fail, then so be it. What can I do?

If ‘thinking positively’ was a myth, then having a defeatist mindset of “if I fail, then I fail” is a myth as well.

It is the limitation of blind-faithed positivism and its lack of ability of create real, concrete solutions that have made a bad name for self-improvement.

Resulting in a unconditional distrust upon self-help books and seminars, and breeding counter-mindset like

  • To succeed you must be born with it
  • Success comes with luck, not with hard work
  • You need to be born a hard-working person

However, to give up and settle for the status quo isn’t wise either.

(To be continued)


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