Life-Changing Success Habits (4) – A Plan Must Include Both Success And Failure


(Continued from Life-Changing Success Habits 3)

Not only do you have to prevent future failures, you also need to sever the failures from the past

Hence, in the study of Ja’Jeon, a discipline of success-building, it is taught that the fundamental aspect of building a success for habit is to solve “what should I do if I failed to follow through my plans?”

It is only with this, can a success-building become a science, rather than a blind faith or some coincidental fluke.

Meaning, the key to creating a habit for success, a positive inclination, is whether the solution to “what if I cannot do what I planned” is included within the initial plans.

Furthermore, if you’ve had too many failures piled up along the way and have a bad history willpower wise, it is important to sever those past failures from yourself.

However, many people overlook this aspect.

Take a college student for example, who’s never finished a single text and never stuck to their plan for a day. If you get them and say:
“Look, if you follow as I say, you will do well. Do as I mentor you and you will succeed.”

Do you think they will follow you and build a habit of studying? This is fundamentally impossible.


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