Life-Changing Success Habits (5) – Summary of Habit-Building


(Continued from Life-Changing Success Habits 4)

Examples of Making A Study Habit: Breaking the flow of bad habits and luck; creating the right habit

Many students never establish a proper study habit. Plans that never followed through. When they first learn SanMyu, they are told to bring all of the old textbook and assignments that they failed to finish.

They are first taught San’Hwa and Ta’Shin to start in a clean slate.

(It is not just a way of relieving the psychological sense, or eliminating the negative memory.)

In this article, I mention that there are three points to keep in mind in order to build a success habit:

  1. Before making new plans, you must sever the bad habits of the past
  2. When you first make plans, you should plan from the beginning to include the predictions of failures and how to respond.
  3. The control key of creating and modifying the plans must be held by the one carrying out the plan, so that they can become the masters of their own plan.

In the following article, a concept of ‘Golden Measure’ will be introduced as a tool to determine if a current work is progressing well.

At the same time, we will discuss how prediction of the future becomes possible with these methods, based on San’Myu’s teachings.

(To be continued)


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