How do I Learn?

Most likely you would have visited here after reading the <PRECA Holistic Therapy> series. While it is a course created to meet the modern needs, the basis of that course is a field of study called SanMyu. It is a multi-disciplinary study focused on all forms of self-improvement, spanning from the classical success-building; habit-mastery; group management, to interpersonal psychology, meditation and cognitive improvement.

We reject the ‘teach-the-public’ or ‘share-the-knowledge’ sort of movement that is prevalent in 21st century. Briefly reading some posts on the internet or listening to couple of lectures and seminars do not have any life-changing effect. Self-improvement does not happen from reading a book.

That is why SanMyu was taught and inherited exclusively, with each GyoJeon (teacher) holding only upto 2 students, for around 300~400 years. While this blog will display selected content to the public for the time being, do not expect to be able to purchase the art.

Nonetheless, we value relationships. Those fortunate enough to stumble across may learn some along the way. Information about the private chatroom is given somewhere in the page.

These are some of the basic rules to follow:
(1) None shall teach, or relay the teachings of, SanMyu. Only GyoJeon (the teacher) may teach.
(2) Those who teach other fields of study that overlaps with SanMyu will not be allowed to learn.
(3) All students will speak to one another with respect.

“There has never been a person without affluence in our lineage. Success is not something we earn. It is like an imprintment on our DNA.” – GyoJeon (1st degree from the current)



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