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Attraction Brainwash Psychology 

1. Do You Want To Strike A Conversation With Attractive Strangers

2. Why Do People Feel Uncomfortable When You Approaching Them

3. How To Make A Great First Impression – Asserting Dominance, Attractiveness and Trustworthiness

4. Psychology of Behaviour Is More Important Than Being A Good Talker

5. Leaving A Strong Impression With First Introduction

6. Proper Handshake That Delivers Both Strength And Warmth

7. How The Methodology of Moving People Has Changed pt.1

8. How The Methodology of Moving People Has Changed pt.2

9. How The Methodology of Moving People Has Changed pt.3

10. How To Leave a Memorable Impression

PRECA Holistic Therapy

Chapter 1

1. Here It Begins

2. Sweetness Rock and Living In Despair

3. Obstacles Will Be Everywhere In Life

4. Living With Problems

5. Adapting To The Golden Rule

6. What It Means To Fall Asleep In Front Of The Rock

7. When The Rock Is Gone

Chapter 2

8. Spectrum of Problem-Solving Skills

9. Method of Solution Above Psychological or Emotional Calm

10. Symptoms of BPD And How They Align with Self-improvement Goals

11. Problems of Behavioural Pattern, Dualistic Desire, Echoing the Mind

12. Mood and Affect of BPD, Experiential and Non-experiential Modes of Speech

Chapter 3

13. Pain Acceptance-Defence (PAD) Training; Recap of Offline Class

14. Association System and Shape Sensation


“Great plans can only be exerted on the foundation of affluence. Work hard and grow strong. There has never been one without riches and affluence in our lineage..” – GyoJeon (1st degree from the current)

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